Registry Systems

The Registry Systems team of the Academic Registry is responsible for providing support and services to Academic Registry teams and other academic units in relation to Academic Registry information systems and business processes.

SIS Helpdesk

Student Information System (SIS) is a core package together with some peripheral systems that offers a range of functions. SIS enables students and relevant staff or faculty members to keep and view academic records, look up and update personal particulars, enroll classes, check class / examination timetables, browse student financial information within the University and obtain a range of reports, e.g. advisement reports of students’ academic progress.

Contact us at (Ext. 5885)

e-Filing of Academic Transcripts per Studies Elsewhere

It is part of the pilot roll-out for Enterprise Content Management System (soft launched in April 2018).  Students completed their studies elsewhere and with academic transcripts (or equivalent academic certificates) filed with the following units need not to submit them again to Academic Registry for their credit transfer application purpose, as we have established various channels to share the documents between such units and Academic Registry.

  • UG Admissions, Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions Office
  • UG Exchange, School of Business & Management
  • UG Exchange, School of Science

Other Projects

  • Online Credit Transfer Application System (soft launched in 2017-18 Spring)
  • Pilot roll-out of Chatbot solution in Credit Transfer Application website (July 2019)
  • Pilot roll-out of registry student document verification solution with blockchain technology (August 2019)



Senior Manager : Mr Tony Lau Ext. 6100
Manager : Vacant  
Assistant Manager
: Mr Timmy Lee Ext. 6057
Assistant Manager : Mr Billy Tam Ext. 5786
Project Assistant : Vacant Ext. 8694

Room 6603, 6/F, Academic Building (Lifts 31-32)