Electronic Documents Verification Program



HKUST students/graduates will receive an email notification from the University when an electronic document is issued.

  • Login with HKUST Email Address and password at the secured website:
  • Select and download the JSON file and the associated URL for the document.
  • Save the JSON file and the associated URL in a secured folder, as it may contain your personal data.



Upload the electronic document (in JSON format) to the HKUST Blockcerts Verifier at https://registry.ust.hk/verify/upload, or click on the associated URL which links directly to the HKUST verification page. The system will then respond with the verification result in a few seconds. After successful verification, an authenticated copy of the document can be viewed or downloaded in formats such as PDF or HTML.

The authentic and verifiable electronic document from HKUST exists only in JSON format or the associated URL.  Electronic documents in any other format (such as PDF or HTML) will not be verified.

Transfer to Other Parties


Students/Graduates may save and transfer the electronic documents to other parties at their discretion.  The Verification Statements below should go together with the file or URL so that the recipient knows how to proceed:

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology issues some official documents in electronic format (JSON format and the associated URL) which are verifiable with blockchain technology. Please visit the official website for electronic document verification, viewing and other processing details: https://registry.ust.hk/verify.

The handling of personal data and related documents must comply with the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (https://www.pcpd.org.hk). Students/Graduates are personally responsible for managing the privacy, ownership and consent of access of the electronic documents issued to them.